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Contract: 47QSWA18D009Y

L.N. Curtis & sons’ GSA contract is available to all local, municipal, state, and federal government agencies. As a GSA customer, you have ready access to the thousands of fire, rescue, emergency services, law enforcement, and first responder products that are contained in our GSA Product Catalog.

Some of the advantages to purchase through GSA are:

  • GSA pricing has already been determined to be fair and reasonable
  • Multiple ordering avenues
  • Purchase anytime or anywhere using the following: Purchase Order, Credit Card or IMPAC-GPC Card
  • Electronic requisitioning
  • Research products and compare pricing over the internet before purchasing when you use GSA Advantage
  • Quality assurance and quality product

How to order directly with L.N. Curtis & sons:

  • Call us for a GSA quote and we will provide a quote that includes the GSA pricing and the appropriate GSA number for your purchase
  • Then issue L.N. Curtis & sons a Purchase Order referencing the appropriate GSA number or simply provide us your Credit Card or IMPAC-GPC Card number for payment

How to order GSA items through GSA Advantage:

  • Click here to go to our home page at GSA Advantage or click on one of the product page links below. Simply select your items and pay via the online system.

Always feel free to give our L.N. Curtis & sons GSA expert a call at (510) 268-3302. In addition, you may call a GSA customer service representative and he or she will send a purchase order directly to L.N. Curtis & sons.

Links to L.N. Curtis & sons GSA Product Pages

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a bug on GSA Advantage, you may not see the product when you first click. Please refresh the page and the product should then appear.

Product CategoryManufacturerSIN
Boots, Firefighting (structural and proximity) and Tech RescueGlobe633 32
Breathing Air SystemsEagleAir465 22
Breathing Apparatus, Self-Contained (SCBA)Avon Protection465 22
Dryers and Accessories, GearRam Air633 30A
Ensembles, HAZMATBlauer633 6A
Ensembles, Firefighting (wildland)PGI633 38
Foam, FirefightingAnsul633 6A
Gloves, Firefighting (structural and proximity)Shelby633 33
Helmets and Accessories, Firefighting (proximity)Bullard426 4F
Helmets and Accessories, Firefighting (wildland)Bullard633 43
Helmets, BallisticNightOps Tactical426 1C
Hoods, FirefightingPGI633 38
Hose Accessories, FirefightingTask Force Tips567 15
Hose, FirefightingNorth American Fire Hose567 15
Jaws-of-Life, eDRAULICSHurst465 19
Jaws-of-Life, High PressureHurst465 19
Jaws-of-Life, Low PressureHurst465 19
Jaws-of-Life, StrongArmHurst465 19
Lighting Systems, PortableFoxFury567 99
Positive Pressure FansBlowhard465 19
Pumps, Firefighting (wildland)WATERAX465 11
Rescue EquipmentCMC PRO633 1000
Stabilization EquipmentRescue 42465 19
Thermal Cameras and Thermal ViewersZistos465 17
Trainers and Props, FirefightingKidde567 99
Training Props, Forcible EntryExact Fire567 99
Training Props, Roof Entry FirefightingFireVent567 99
Training Towers & Accessories, FirefightingFire Facilities567 99
Turnout (Proximity) ConfigurationsGlobe633 30A
Turnout (Structural) ATHLETIX StyleGlobe ATHLETIX633 30
Turnout (Structural) CLASSIX StyleGlobe CLASSIX633 30
Turnout (Structural) CLASSIX METRO StyleGlobe CLASSIX METRO633 30
Turnout (Structural) GXCEL styleGlobe GXCEL633 30
Turnout (Structural) GXTREME 3.0 styleGlobe GXTREME 3.0633 30
Turnout (Structural), Internal Harness Ready Pant ConfigurationsGlobe633 30
Turnout (Structural), REAXTION style coatsGlobe REAXTION633 30
Video Security SystemsZistos426 4S
Wildland Firefighting Backpacks/GearWolfpack Gear633 38