Purchasing Contracts

 FIRERESCUE-GPO  and   hgac contracts


Many products are available on our FireRescue-GPO contract.
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And products are also available on our HGACBuy contract.
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GSA - U.S. General:  Services Administration


Div 1/4: Oakland/USG DUNS 009224163; CAGE 5E720
Div 2: Seattle DUNS 027422799; CAGE 1JHA4
Div 3: Salt Lake City DUNS 035356815; CAGE 1JHA9
Div 5: Phoenix DUNS 175019004; CAGE 6SCU1
Div 6: La Mirada DUNS 612593231; CAGE 6SCW4
L.N. Curtis & sons’ GSA contract GS-07F-0043L is now available to all local, municipal, state, and federal government agencies. As a GSA customer, you have ready access to the thousands of fire, rescue, emergency services, law enforcement, and first responder products that are contained in our GSA Product Catalog.

  Some of the advantages to purchasing through GSA are:
  • GSA Pricing has already been determined to be fair and reasonable
  • Multiple ordering avenues
  • Purchase anytime or anywhere using the following:
  • Charge Cards, GPC Card/IMPAC Card
  • Electronic Requisitioning
  • Research products and compare pricing over the Internet before purchasing when you use GSA Advantage
  • Quality assurance and quality product

There are several ways to purchase from L.N. Curtis & sons utilizing GSA. You can place orders directly with L.N. Curtis & sons or through the GSA Advantage web site.

  • How to order directly with L.N. Curtis & sons using GSA:
  • Call L.N. Curtis & sons for a GSA quote
  • L.N. Curtis & sons will provide you a quote with GSA pricing and the appropriate GSA number for your purchase
  • Issue L.N. Curtis & sons a Purchase Order referencing the appropriate GSA number or simply provide us your Credit Card/IMPAC-GPC Card number for payment

How to order GSA Items through GSA Advantage: 
  • Go to GSA Advantage and search by our contract number: GS-07F-0043L
  • Select the items and place them in your online basket
  • Feel free to give L.N. Curtis & sons a call if you have any questions (510) 268-3302
  • You may also contact a GSA customer representative and they will send a purchase order directly to L.N. Curtis & sons.

If you have product or contract questions, email us at GovSales@LNCurtis.com.


L.N. Curtis & sons has over eighty years of successful business focus supporting the fire, rescue, emergency, first responder, and law enforcement industries. 

L.N. Curtis & sons provides our customers with exceptional products, customer service, and product support covering an extremely broad-based product catalog representing the very best-in-class equipment manufacturers. 

L.N. Curtis & sons supports various commercial customers; and, state, municipal, and local agencies in the thirteen Western states; and, to agencies of the U.S. Government, worldwide. Sales, distribution, and service centers are located in Oakland; Salt Lake City; Seattle; Los Angeles; and Phoenix.

Now, our products are available to you as a local, state, municipal, federal, military or other qualified government customer, through L.N. Curtis & sons’ GSA and DLA contracts.