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Product Notices

Below are product safety notices from Curtis suppliers containing important information about equipment and gear. Also below are links to safety notice pages located on some of our suppliers' websites. If you have questions or concerns about a product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safety & Recall Notices

1/18/2019 | CMC | Recall Notice
CMC Flash™ Hook and FlashLite™ Hook (P/N 300980 & 300981)

12/3/18 | CMC | Safety Notice
Traverse Rescue Advantage Basket Stretcher (PN 11-0125A)

11/21/2018 | Honeywell | Safety Notice
TITAN SCBA Emergency Breathing Safety System (EBSS)

8/10/2018 | MSA Safety | Safety Advisory (Updated)
MSA Green Colored V-Gard® Protective Caps

6/19/2018 | CMC | Recall Notice (Updated)
CSR2 Pulleys and Pulley Systems

6/2018 | CMC | Recall Notice
K9 ProSeries Rappel Harness

4/25/2018 | MSA Safety | Safety Notice
Stop Use - MSA Nuevo Wrap™ Eyewear

1/29/2018 | MSA Safety | Safety Notice
Stop Use - MSA Gravity® Welder Harness