Wildfire SKIDTANX TORPEDO Series Slide-In System
Wildfire SKIDTANX TORPEDO Series Slide-In System
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Product description

Wildfire SKIDTANX TORPEDO Series Slide-In System

A SKIDTANX TORPEDO is a fast attack unit that is deployed to eliminate wildfires before they can spread. It can launch precision high pressure
water streams and serve as a firefighting assault weapon. The TORPEDO unit’s features and options consist of best-of-breed components which
ensures that no matter how you choose to customize your unit, you will be armed for success.

Each and every TORPEDO unit comes equipped with a WATERAX pump. The pump is the very heart of the skid unit and is crucial to the unit’s overall performance and effectiveness. WATERAX pumps promise quality,
reliability, and durability. They are time-tested and continue to lead the way in innovation such as with the recent developments of the high endurance mechanical rotary seal and the field maintenance-free sealed bearing. These recent upgrades increase the pump unit’s longevity while decreasing maintenance requirements. Such innovations are part of what makes WATERAX pumps the most trusted in the industry today and the benchmark of excellence in forestry water handling systems.

The SKIDTANX water tank is made of robust copolymer polypropylene, which is UV, corrosion, and chemical resistant. It is built tough and
designed to withstand the rigors of wildland and urban interface firefighting. One such design aspect is the flanged top and bottom of the tank which protects the tank body from direct impact. It also features a sectional removable top that allows access to the various tank compartments without compromising the tank’s integrity. Each tank includes water and foam level sight gauges, an anti-cavitation device, aluminum tubing, and is fully baffled as per NFPA standards. Includes lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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