Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump with Galvanized Tank
Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump with Galvanized Tank
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Product description

Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump with Galvanized Tank
Five-gallon tank features baffle, outlet with filter screen at bottom, 1” recessed bottom and ventilated back rest. Slide action brass pump is operated by hand. Gasketed cam lock tank cap features a ventilation hole to prevent tank collapse and is secured to the tank by a 4” beaded chain. Combination nozzle allows quick change from spray to straight stream. Single-braided, flexible, oil-resistant hose, 1/2” I.D., 30” long. Carrying handle has clips for securing pump and holes for attaching removable, 1-3/4” heavy-duty polypropylene shoulder straps. One strap has clip for attaching the pump to your chest. Net Weight: Stainless – 12 lbs., 2 oz. Galvanized – 12 lbs., 5 oz.
90G Features & Benefits 
  • 5 gallon galvanized steel, kidney shape baffled tank, with contour back support for increased comfort. 
  • Premium all brass pump is the best there is. Offers years of bind free operation – can be serviced in field without any tools. 
  • Dual nozzle changes quickly and easily without tools, from stream to spray, secured to pump with chain. 
  • Bottom discharge tank, with reinforced brass outlet for greater strength. Filter at bottom of tank protects debris from clogging. 
  • Large 4” fill opening for easy fill and cleaning; cap is ventilated, with cam lock design that is watertight. 
  • Key accessory to this product is the carry rack that mounts fire pump in trucks. #179092

Product Number:  1790141
Shipping weight: 14lbs