North Silver Shield®/4H® Hazardous Chemical Gloves
North Silver Shield®/4H® Hazardous Chemical Gloves
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Product description

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Resistant to a broader range of chemicals than any other glove material.

  • Resistant to over 280 different chemicals, including alcohols, aliphatics, aromatics, chlorines, ketones and esters - Provides high performance protection in the most demanding applications
  • Economical - Can be used as a disposable glove, without the need for cleaning and recycling
  • Does not contain latex or chemical accelerators - Little chance of allergic reactions
  • Ambidextrous design - Ideal for single glove use. Also, one glove can be discarded if necessary without wasting a pair.
  • Can be used as a secondary inner glove - Allows worker maximum protection in heavy duty jobs where the dangers of mechanical damage to gloves are high
  • Sizes: 8 - 10
  • Lengths: 14.5"/2.7 mil and 16"/2.7 mil
  • Applications: Aerospace, chemical processing and transporting, domestic preparedness, Haz-Mat work, petrochemical
  • Color: Silver


North Product Numbers:

SSG/8 - Size 8
SSG/9 - Size 9
SSG/10 - Size 10 
SSG/11 - Size 11

Shipping weight: 1lb