Peltor Optime 95 Folding Earmuff
Peltor Optime 95 Folding Earmuff
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Product description

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The lightweight Optime 95 muff features very low profile ear cups that fit well with most helmets, eyewear and other safety equipment. It is a comfortable choice that can provide effective protection, especially against the high-frequency noise associated with many work areas and functions including machine shops and power tools.

  • NRR 21dB
  • Liquid / foam ear cushions
  • Folds for convenient storage
  • 6.5 oz.

Peltor’s OPTIME™ line of muffs incorporates all the acoustic engineering, wearer-focused comfort design, and performance versatility that has made Peltor the leading name in earmuff protectors for over 50 years. Feature for feature, it’s the best of the bests.

Peltor Product Number: H6F/V
Shipping weight: 2lbs