Paratech HydraFusion Struts
Paratech HydraFusion Struts
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Product description

Paratech HydraFusion Struts offer end users
the ability to lift up to 10 U.S. Tons with a
safety factor of 2:1 and to stabilize up to
20,000 lbs. with a safety factor of 4:1. The
innovative, built in Dual Shaft End Adapter
(patent pending) allows users to safely
use Paratech LongShore, LockStroke or
AcmeThread Struts and Extensions in
conjunction with the incredible lifting ability
of the HydraFusion Strut.

Paratech HydraFusion Struts (AcmeThread)
are comprised of a 3” diameter threaded
aluminum shaft that extends hydraulically
out of a 3 1/2” diameter aluminum tube.
The hydraulic lift capacity is 10 U.S. tons
with a 2:1 safety factor. Once the strut is
extended, the AcmeThread collar is spun
down to the locked position and creates a
20,000 lbs. 4:1 safety factor for stabilization.

Product Number:  2279HA