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CURTIS is pleased to partner with MSA GLOBE to provide our customers with the very best in clothing and footwear.
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JACKETS/COATS New material technology enables all-new athletic design with unique stretch fabrics that allow closer,
body-contoured fit to provide unprecedented range of motion with less bulk, more flexibility, and lighter weight.

Click on the image to view a sampling of Globe's various jacket styles.

A few Globe Turnout Product videos:

  1. Globe ATHLETIX: Own Words
  2. G-XTREME 3.0

PANTS Globe has revolutionized turnout pants again with their new Globe Pant System – because fit has never mattered more.
Your choice of fits make these pants fit like a pair of jeans: Slim, Regular, Relaxed, and Women’s. Pants that fit you like a pair
of jeans enhance your performance and comfort while ensuring your protection and safety. With the advanced design you
expect from Globe, you’ll have a leg up on the job.

Click on the image to read more about the Globe Pant System.

FOOTWEAR Truly athletic footwear for firefighters.

Click on the image to view a sampling of Globe's various boot styles.

A few Globe Footwear videos:

  1. Globe SUPRAFLEX Boots
  2. Globe Arctic Grip Pro Sole Technology

Find more Globe videos HERE.

Find the Globe Turnout Cleaning Guide and Globe Turnout COVID-19 Exposure brief HERE.

For reference, Globe has specific guidelines to perform measurements for just the right fit for Jackets and Pants. Find those HERE.

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