Everything a fire fighter needs to stay safe and well-equipped, from fire helmets, fire boots, firefighter gloves, flashlights, firefighter tools, wildland fire gear and more!





Weckworth New Generation Fire Shelter
$375.00 - $425.00
TFT PRO/pak - 1.5" (38mm) Angled Coupling
Honeywell PRO Series Model 3003 - 8” Station/Duty Boot
Honeywell PRO Series Model 9005 (3005) - 8” Station Boot
Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump with Galvanized Tank
CMC Petzl Handled Ascender


TFT FlipTip with Integrated Shutoff Valve and G-Force Nozzle – 1.5” NH, 15/16” Rear Tip, Auto 150gpm
Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Glove, Gauntlet Style
Globe Men’s SUPREME 14” Pull-On Structural Boot
Cosmas Hercules V2 9" Wildland Boot
Streamlight PolyTac 90™ LED

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L.N. Curtis & sons commitments continue after the sale with our after-market support program.

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    Care & Maintenance
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Firefighter Store

Keep yourself and the rest of your fire-fighting team safe, secure, and protected when you’re on the job with our wide selection of top-tier firefighter equipment. Here at L.N. Curtis & sons, we make sure to offer reliable equipment from the finest brands in the industry. We understand that the work you and your team members are doing is crucial. We take pride in curating a prime selection to help firefighting professionals do their duty safely and effectively.

The L.N. Curtis & sons firefighter equipment store is reliably stocked with the trusted brands that firefighters around the country rely on every day. Our high-quality firefighting tools will help each and every call go as smoothly as possible.


Trust and Protection When You Need It

Selection is important to us here at L.N. Curtis & sons, because we know that having options is important as you go about carefully selecting your team’s gear. For instance, the choice between a few different pairs of fire station boots might seem minor, but every department has different preferences, needs, and budgets. At L.N. Curtis & sons, we make sure many high-quality brands are in stock to offer some of the very best equipment in the field.


When you and your team members are heading into a high-octane, high-temperature situation, you don’t have time to worry about how your equipment is going to hold up. We eliminate that issue for you and all firefighters by stocking our firefighter equipment store with equipment that meets pertinent codes and regulations. This lets you focus on the important tasks at hand: saving lives and putting out fires. You can rest assured that your firefighter equipment from L.N. Curtis & sons will be there to help you get the job done.


Boots, Gloves, and More

Successfully containing a fire takes a combined effort of all you Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Firefighter equipment is necessary for day-to-day jobs and the L.N. Curtis & sons inventory reflects that. Boots, breathing equipment, head, eye, and ear protection are just a few of our specialties. Here at L.N. Curtis & sons, we focus on stocking the best firefighter equipment so that you can focus on being the best possible firefighter, every single second of every single call.