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Fire fighter supplies are incomplete without reliable fire fighter hand tools. L.N. Curtis & sons offer wildland hand tools that keep you prepared for the less than regular duties. With the folding shovels, you have a durable round blade shovel with a saw edge that can be used to dig or hoe. Our brush brooms come with a 5' hickory handle for strength, and ease of use to make the little jobs easier for any fire fighter.

Fire fighter hand tools ensure you are ready for any situation, from fighting a brush fire to breaking through a door. Our wildland hand tools and folding shovels keep your fire fighter equipment comprehensive.

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Our fire fighter hand tools give you the tactical gear you need for unexpected situations.

Fire fighter hand tools are easy to use, and quick to the scene when stored on the truck with our flat mount or side mount brackets. Wildland hand tools such as the multi-purpose folding shovel enable a fireman to dig a quick trench to keep brush fires at bay. Heavy duty brush brooms come equiped with a 5' hickory handle, and can be easily transported with our shovel handle brackets. You can protect your fire fighter equipment with our poly sheaths designed specifically for the Forestry shovel, McLeod fire tool, and the Pulaski tool.

L.N. Curtis has fire fighter hand tools for a wide range of uses. Tactical gear like wildland hand tools are available now, including the Adze hoe that conforms to US Forest Service spec 179, and is designed for heavy grubbing and trenching. Our folding shovels fold down to 9.5" X 6" so they can easily be moved and stored after use, and come with a strong round blade and saw edge. Other fire fighter equipment such as the hay hook with a wooden D grip handle, and brush brooms give you an eclectic collection of fire fighter supplies so you can handle any situation.
Products 1 - 14 of 14