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Don't miss superior Pelican traffic lights when you're looking for a visible cone of color to use at the scene of an accident. Our durable traffic wands are easy to use - just slip them onto the end of a Pelican police flashlight. The traffic control wands come off again easily when you require a white beam to make out an accident report. Put Pelican lighted wands at the top of your list of essential police gear.

Pelican traffic lights are the most reliable lighted wands police officers can carry with their tactical gear. The traffic wands are easy to install, just by attaching them to the end of your police flashlight.

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Pelican lights make it easy for police officers to direct traffic at the scene of an accident.

Buy high quality Pelican lights if you're in the market for durable, efficient police gear. The reliable traffic wands offer a bright source of color that makes it easy to direct traffic or warn others of an accident scene. Pelican traffic control wands are some of the most practical police equipment, because they attach to your Pelican flashlight in a snap. Then the lighted wands come off easily, so you can use the regular beam on your police flashlight for other purposes like writing reports. Pack Pelican traffic wands as an essential part of your tactical gear, and you'll always have them at hand.
Products 1 - 3 of 3