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Harris tapes are known for their durability, so use these quality police tapes to secure your investigation scenes. These lightweight barricade tapes can be taped, nailed, or stapled in place to keep trespassers at bay. Warning tapes should be part of every police officer's tactical gear to warn others about danger. Our Harris caution tapes include Do Not Enter tapes and fire line tapes to ensure police heroes can work undisturbed.

Our selection of Harris tapes helps you wrap up every job, from crime scene to accident site. These barricade tapes are as tough as the men and women of the police force who work with them.

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Harris tapes are sturdy and durable, so they last as long as it takes to wrap up the investigation.

With high quality Harris tapes, police officers can cordon off any scene without worrying about ripped Do Not Enter tapes letting trespassers get through. Harris brand barricade tapes are robust police gear that holds up even during lengthy investigations where police tape is required to secure the site. These sturdy warning tapes do their job so you can focus on yours without worrying about accidental contamination of the scene. Add Harris caution tapes to your police tactical gear, and you'll be well prepared to keep unwanted visitors away. Check out our police equipment store and choose from our variety of barricade tapes for every police purpose.
Products 1 - 4 of 4