Triangle Flare Kits & Safety Triangles

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Our triangle flare kits have sturdy legs featuring orange DayGlo paint and a highly reflective area that's very visible at night. These police safety triangles are extremely durable and meet Federal Specification: FMV55-125. The emergency triangles disassemble easily and quickly, and you can fold them flat in their own storage case. Don't forget these superior warning triangles when you're shopping for essential police gear.

These triangle flare kits are not only durable, but they also provide tremendous visibility with their DayGlo paint. Our safety triangles are simple to use, disassembling easily and storing flat in their case.

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Our durable triangle flare kits include the most visible warning triangles you can find anywhere.

Get our triangle flare kits if you value reliable, long-lasting police equipment. These safety triangles ensure visibility with their DayGlo paint and high-intensity reflective area. You'll find emergency triangles at L.N. Curtis & sons, along with other superior police gear for roads and highways, including flagging tapes and traffic cones. Make sure to include warning triangles along with your other essential tactical gear. Choose among traditional incendiary flares, triangle flare kits and Turboflares with LEDs.
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