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Viz-Con safety cones feature bright orange flexible material, so the police cones are light to carry, as well as easy to see. The reflective safety cones add to their visibility with Reflexite reflective cone collars. Our collapsible traffic cones have a spring that lets the cones easily self deploy. You won't find orange traffic cones that are more reliable and effective police gear than these safety cones by Viz-Con.

Buy Viz-Con safety cones for the most practical police traffic cones you can buy. These reflective safety cones are collapsible traffic cones that are much lighter than traditional safety cones.

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Collapsible Viz-Con safety cones take less space and weigh much less than standard cones.

Include Viz-Con safety cones at the top of your list of police tactical gear. These reflective safety cones are easy to see, because the cones are made of bright orange material and include Reflexite reflective cone collars. Viz-Con collapsible traffic cones are much lighter weight than traditional police cones, and the collapsible cones take up less space. Orange traffic cones include a flexible spring so the safety cones can automatically deploy, making them an extremely practical part of your police equipment.
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