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All-weather gear from Rite in the Rain and other brands helps police officers do their jobs in any condition. From waterproof notebooks and paper to reliable pens that write when you need them, we carry all your police equipment. Protect your police notebooks with sturdy covers, even though these weatherproof notebooks are durable on their own. Police tactical notebooks and other all-weather police gear lets our heroes do their jobs any time, anywhere.

Police gear from Rite in the Rain and other brands is reliable in all weather conditions. We carry waterproof notebooks, papers, pens and other accessories for when the weather throws you a curve ball.

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Rely on Rite in the Rain and other police gear brands to get you through the rainy days.

With Rite in the Rain waterproof papers, notebooks and pens, you've got the right police equipment to do your work in any weather. Our waterproof notebooks and all-weather pens allow you to take notes or write citations even when it's pouring or freezing outside. Always pack waterproof police notebooks with your police tactical gear, because mother nature can be as unpredictable as your job. Our weatherproof tactical notebooks come in various sizes, so you can slip a small one in your pocket and keep a large one in your cruiser. Our selection of weatherproof police gear also includes notebook covers and field desks that give you a sturdy writing surface.
Products 1 - 16 of 16