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Police scene lights from L.N. Curtis & sons are essential police equipment items for emergency situations when you're on duty patrol or in the field on assignment. Weapon mounted lights attach to your weapons easily, because we know how important your efficiency is – especially in high stress situations. We also have police bike lights that mount to bicycle handlebars and provide superior distance and peripheral vision. Plus, our helmet lights are quick and easy, and this police gear works when flashlights aren't enough.

With police scene lights in your bag or patrol car trunk, you'll be ready for any emergency situation. Our selection of weapon mounted lights includes brands like Streamlight and Surefire, so you know we provide all the quality heroes expect. Police bike lights from FoxFury conveniently mount to your handlebars and feature a variety of lighting intensity. For added safety, FoxFury’s helmet lights attach easily to most helmets with industrial Velcro.

We supply the essential police scene lights to light rescue sites and crime scenes of every dimension. And weapon mounted lights are a necessity for officers who are pretty much defined as having one hand normally busy—K9 and mounted officers, for example—if they are to see in the dark with their gun drawn.

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Police scene lights are essential tools or heroes from incidents ranging from small car accidents,
to technical rescue, to train wrecks in tunnels to airplane crashes in woods, 
to search and rescue operations in earthquake or flood disaster areas.

As a distributor of police scene lights, L.N. Curtis & sons is your solution for your law enforcement lighting needs. We carry weapon lights and a variety of LED lights that are suitable for police, construction, fire, and other emergency uses. Police bike lights provide superior visibility for officers on bike patrol. And, in addition to police officers, helmet lights are ideal for EMS, SAR, pilots, military, and special operations.

Police scene lights are the perfect lighting tools for law enforcement and security and industrial professionals that need full-size, lightweight, and/or hand held task lights. We have weapon mounted lights that work in a variety of situations. And our police bike lights add to your safety when you’re directing traffic or marking a hazard area.

When it comes to police scene lights, we supply a wide selection, including brands you trust like FoxFury, Pelican, and Streamlight. The Surefire weapon mounted lights in our collection generate brilliant white light and produce a tight beam with good reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. Our FoxFury police bike lights are designed with multiple modes and intensities, making them great for police work as well as other high speed sports. And our helmet lights from FoxFury feature a breakaway design that prevents the user from becoming entangled, reducing risk of injury.

Providing heroes with high quality police scene lights is just one reason we’ve gotten this far - "quality" pertains as much to the way we treat you, our customer, as it does to our products and services. In addition to our weapon mounted lights, we can provide you with a wide selection of the highest quality police products and deliver service that results in your satisfaction as our customer. Whether you need police bike lights or other law enforcement lights, we want you to turn to us when you need new gear for your public safety department. We also have helmet lights for yourself or for your family, and we want you to be glad to do business with us.
Products 1 - 16 of 46