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Hatch gloves protect you on the job in search and frisking situations with the ArmorTip design that offers stick and cut protection where the largest percentage of needle stick injuries occur, making these a necessary part of your police equipment. Our police gloves are modeled to US military specs to ensure exceptional cut resistant gloves. The protective gloves have features such as the X11 liner which is tested to 11 lbf. Flight gloves constructed with 100% NOMEX fabric backs will not support flame or combust up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, and protects your entire hand while keeping the much needed flexibility for maximum performance.

Quality Hatch gloves designed to be cut resistant are an important part of police equipment for anyone required to search or frisk. Protective police gloves with armor tips and leather palms ensure your hands are safe from cuts and burns.

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Protective Hatch gloves made with leather palms and NOMEX fabric are an integral part of police gear.

Hatch gloves are some of the most popular frisk and search gloves used by law enforcement today for day to day police equipment. Our police gloves protect hands from cut and needle pricks with the armor tip design and leather palms. The nylon protective gloves made with 1.5mm neoprene allows air circulation while ensuring a snug fit. Proper police gear is essential for safety, and the Hatch flight gloves contribute to this with their Extreme-Grip non-slip palm that allows you to securely hold your firearm.
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