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Peltor Optime earmuffs are designed for police ear protection against loud, and high-frequency noise situations, and include features such as the liquid/foam filled ear cushions with NRR 19 dB. Our Peltor police earmuffs come in four distinct designs including low profile to allow for a great fit with most helmets and eye-wear to complete your body protection gear. Peltor over the head earmuffs protect you in highly assessed noise levels, and with their lightweight construction, make them a good choice for your police equipment. Peltor earmuffs is the premier brand for essential police supplies that keep your ears safe from noise danger.

Quality Peltor Optime earmuffs were created to ensure those working in high noise zones could have exceptional body protection for their ears. The police earmuffs at L.N. Curtis & sons feature technology that allows for police ear protection up to 101dBA, ensuring they are a necessary piece of police gear.

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Peltor Optime earmuffs are an essential piece of police gear to protect your ears from loud noise zones.

Peltor Optime earMuffs, designed with police ear protection and comfort in mind, are a key part of your tactical gear. Peltor police earmuffs provide a safety level up to 101 dBA in some models, with an NRR up to 27 dB, perfect for police gear. Over the head earmuffs added to your police equipment are a comfortable choice with features like the dual low pressure bands, and low mounting points to keep exposure to extreme noises to a minimum. Optime earmuffs by Peltor are the choice for your ear protection police supplies with their superior attenuation at low and high frequencies.
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