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Strap on police head lamps by Streamlight when duty calls for both hands. Versatile police helmet lamps that are durable with intense LED lighting are a must in your police tactical gear bag. Streamlight LED headlamps have multiple modes and adjustable positions. Add the small, but powerful, ClipMate police flashlights, with green or white LED lamps, that clip to the included headband for lanyard for easy access.

Streamlight police head lamps are the police tactical gear to have on hand for hands-free jobs. Convert to police helmet lamps with the included rubber headbands.

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Streamlight police head lamps give powerful illumination, while keeping your hands free.

Police head lamps from Streamlight have the latest police tactical gear lighting technology such as the 3AA Haz-Lo lamp, a compact, high-performance, super high flux LED headlamp that meets the stringent requirements of Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations. If police helmet lights are needed, you just change out the elastic headbands with the included rubber bands for a perfect fit to your helmet or hardhat. Streamlight's LED headlamps offer a wide selection of police gear styles to meet your needs, including the Buckmasters Camo Trident with three-position night vision. Streamlight police flashlights are the police equipment that stand up to the challenges of a police officer's job.
Products 1 - 11 of 11