Pelican HeadsUp Lite & Police Head Lamps

Police Helmet Lights, LED Headlamps & Police Flashlights

Get a Pelican HeadsUp Lite, with LED or Krypton lamps, to light your work, while leaving your hands free for the task. Pelican police head lamps fit comfortably to your bare head with adjustable cloth straps. When police helmet lights are needed, your Pelican police equipment includes rubber straps for a perfect fit. LED headlamps from Pelican include the Recoil LED module, with the lamp facing backward into a reflector that aims 100% or the light forward in a tight, bright beam.

The Pelican HeadsUP Light is the must-have police equipment for hands-free demands of your job. The Pelican police headlamps are available in a wide selection of styles and intensities.

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Buy the Pelican HeadsUp Lite and Pelican police equipment accessories, now in stock.

The Pelican HeadsUp Lite is a leader in hands-free police equipment. Pelican police head lamps have comfortable adjustable cloth headbands for your bare head. Convert to police helmet lights easily with included rubber headbands to fit your helmet or hardhat. Powerful LED headlamps are lightweight, powerful and durable, with a tough ABS resin that's corrosion proof, submersible and virtually indestructible. The hands-free police flashlights have Krypton or LED lamps. Keep replacement lamps in your police gear bag to ensure you won't be left in the dark.
Products 1 - 11 of 11