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LED Headlamps, Police Flashlights & Infrared Headlamps

Find Fox Fury head lamps to fit your duty assignment. The police helmet lights are perfect for hands-on jobs and ensure you won't drop your light when you need it most. The LED headlamps have modes for the light intensity you want. These police flashlights from FoxFury are must-haves among your police gear.

Fox Fury headlamps come in various sizes and for a wide array of jobs. Add the police helmet lights to your police gear for when you need your hands free.

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Fox Fury head lamps ensure you won't be left in the dark when you need both hands.

Fox Fury head lamps are the police gear that give you powerful light while leaving your hands free to work. Police helmet lights from FoxFury include the Signature Tactical infrared headlamp for when you need night vision tactical gear on special ops. FoxFury LED headlamps have multiple modes to give you the right intensity for the job at hand. Police flashlights from FoxFury also include the Command 20 scuba headlamp to light your way on underwater rescues or tactical operations.
Products 1 - 10 of 10