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Tactical knives offer solutions when officers need help, with tools including strap cutters and backup knives. Police knives, such as concealed push daggers, add options when used as tactical gear. Survival knives serve a powerful role in any collection of police supplies. Police gear such as the Flash Rescue knife comes with quality enhancements like a glass-reinforced Zytel handle and a serrated sheep's foot blade. Tactical knives will look sharp in any department's supply closet.

Tactical knives are a cut above other backup knives. Strap cutters will ease the pressure when a civilian or police hero gets stuck.

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  • Benchmade Concealed Backup Knife Tactical/Benchmade Police Rescue Hooks, Police Tool Sheaths & Law Enforcement Equipment (5 Products)
    Benchmade Concealed Backup Knife Tactical/Benchmade Police Strap Cutters, Police Rescue Tools & Law Enforcement Gear Benchmade strap cutters and tactical knives are wise additions to police tactical gear. And rescue hooks always come in handy. View Details
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Tactical knives are tough as nails and deliver in the tightest situations.

Reliable tactical knives come in handy when heroes need strap cutters and backup knives. Police knives and survival knives have the power to carve an officer out of a tight spot when used with other tactical gear. High quality police supplies also include a tactical rescue hook with unparalleled rapid response cut ability and a safe deployment design that will add value to police gear. The Benchmade hook with carabiner can cut rope up to half an inch in diameter and even comes with a bottle opener, useful once the police mission has been completed.
Products 1 - 5 of 5