SOG Knives & Police Multi Tools

Multi Tool Knives, SOG Multi Tools & Survival Knives

SOG knives are loaded with performance and safety features. And, multi tool knives have the strength to tackle the tough jobs for tactical gear. Police multi tools are designed to minimize collateral damage when heroes are working with police gear, including SOG multi tools and survival knives. SOG knives will be a prized part of the department's police supplies.

Superbly crafted SOG knives possess the strength and endurance needed in multi tool knives. Police multi tools deliver the goods.

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SOG knives are constructed with only the highest quality components to superbly serve police.

SOG knives will sharpen up any collection of police gear by providing a multitude of easy to access and essential tools. Police multi tools come outfitted with cutting-edge attributes including the PowerLock chassis and Compound Leverage technology, which eases the pressure when police officers are working with multi tool knives. SOG multi tools and survival knives, superb components of any department's police supplies, will add immense value to any collection of tactical gear.
Products 1 - 4 of 4