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The police multi tools are this page are so much more than basic multi tools because they're made especially for police tactical gear. Made by SOG knives, these multi tools take the concept of a multi tool to a new level with power assist features and the ability to cut through seat belts and crimp blasting caps, great features for police gear. SOG multi tools will be a welcome addition to your police supplies so add this to your police equipment order.

Police multi tools designed by SOG knives for the difficult jobs you face are ready for your tactical gear. Try these revolutionary multi tools from SOG multi tools in your next police equipment order and your police gear will be instantly upgraded.

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Take along police multi tools made by SOG knives with your tactical gear and you'll be equipped to do everything you know a multi tool can do and so much more, so add SOG multi tools to your police equipment order today.

First responders use police multi tools for all sorts of jobs, but these multi tools from SOG knives are multi-functional, super strong tools that do more as part of your tactical gear. Exceptional multi tools are equipped with power assist features that take them to a new level among multi tools for your police supplies. Try SOG multi tools in your police gear when you need a tool that works as hard as you do.

Police multi tools are a basic part of your police gear, but these multi tools from SOG knives are a step beyond your basic multi tool. With more features, multi tools from SOG are popular police equipment for all first responders. Why not take SOG multi tools along with your tactical gear on your next call and see the difference having the right tool in your police supplies can make.
Products 1 - 5 of 5