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Rugged SOG knives are always ready to accompany police heroes as they move out with tactical knives. Police knives use the latest technology to open quicker, lock stronger and release easier as tactical folding knives. Superb survival knives serve as a key police gear component of police tactical gear and police supplies. Police gear such as the V-Cutter makes it easier to snip seat belts, electrical cable sheathing and much more

SOG knives help police officers stay safe as they serve. And police tactical knives come with the latest upgrades to slice through an officer's work shift.

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Arm yourself with SOG knives, and feel more secure when reporting for duty.

Long-lasting SOG knives come loaded with the latest extras needed in tactical knives. Police knives employ S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology) to open the blade ASAP on tactical folding knives. Other features on survival knives include a built-in safety and a Digi-Grip pattern on the handle, helping heroes in slippery situations hold onto police tactical gear. EOD PowerLocks, prime pieces of police gear, even come with a new locking mechanism, the Piano-Lock, which allows each component to be individually locked.
Products 1 - 6 of 6