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Benchmade knives combine speed and strength to create superbly effective spring-assisted models of tactical knives. Tough police knives are an essential piece of any department's police supplies, adding another option when a weapon is needed. Tough tactical knives come in rugged, long-lasting styles that will prove reliable as police gear. No supply of tactical gear is complete without survival knives.

Benchmade knives are forged from only the highest quality components. Police knives add punch to police gear.

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Benchmade knives are superb instruments built to endure while serving police heroes.

Benchmade knives are tough enough to do duty as tactical knives. Police knives and tactical folding knives are built from only the best materials so survival knives will endure as rugged police supplies. Benchmade knives, with cutting-edge features such as a multi-directional positive grip to help officers hold on in a crisis situation, will fit right in with other top-notch tactical gear. Survival knives used as police gear even include an additional safety lock for added security when the blade is closed.
Products 1 - 4 of 4