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Our police knives include Benchmade and SOG knives for regular duty and for those tough tactical assignments. Tactical knives from SOG feature the Flash Rescue, while Benchmade offers its concealed Backup knife. Police duty knives and tactical knives are available with the rest our our multi tools police gear.

Police knives from L.N. Curtis & sons are tools as well as weapons and crucial for getting out of bad situations in both cases. Tactical knives are designed for specific situations with different blades, hooks and sheaths for a variety of uses. Police duty knives with locking blades can be easily carried in pockets, pouches or packs. Multi tools included in your police gear give you a range of solutions to life’s problems in one easy-to-carry device.

Police knives include Benchmade's 580 and 585 Barrage knives with stainless steel blades. SOG duty and tactical knives also are available.

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  • 5.11 Tactical SideKick Boot Knife Duty Law Enforcement Knives, Police Officer Knives & Law Enforcement Gear (19 Products)
    5.11 Tactical SideKick Boot Knife Duty Police Knives, Law Enforcement Tools & Police Supplies Our selection of police duty knives includes SOG knives and Benchmade knives, both perfect choices for your tactical gear. A wide variety of law enforcement duty knives are ready for your police equipment order so you can update your police gear with the latest knives. View Details
  • SOG B63N PowerLock EOD with V-Cutter - Black Oxide Multi-Tools Police Officer Tools, Tactical Multi Tools & Law Enforcement Gear (5 Products)
    SOG B63N PowerLock EOD with V-Cutter - Black Oxide Multi-Tools Law Enforcement Multi Tools, Police Knives & Law Enforcement Tools Lightweight but functional police multi tools from SOG knives are top quality police supplies to carry in your tactical gear. These multi tools help you get the job done quickly, so add SOG multi tools to your police equipment order and be ready to cut through seat belts and crimp blasting caps with this valuable asset in your police supplies. View Details
  • Benchmade Concealed Backup Knife Tactical Tactical Police Knives, Law Enforcement Knives & Police Equipment (5 Products)
    Benchmade Concealed Backup Knife Tactical Police Strap Cutters, Police Officer Knives & Law Enforcement Gear Tough tactical knives serve superbly as survival knives and backup knives. Strap cutters also play a key role as police supplies. View Details
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Police knives feature multi-directional positive grips and easy openers. SOG's Flash tactical knives release at a moment's notice.

Police knives include Benchmade's folder Presidio with a multi-directional positive grip and the Tanto Griptilian with an ambidextorous thumb-stud opener, both police duty knives. SOG tactical knives and duty knives include the Flash family of knives that feature SOG's Assisted Technology (S.A.T.), which employs a powerful piston lock that is easily released with a sliding button. These police duty knives and tactical knives are part of L.N. Curtis & sons complete line of police equipment.

Police knives from SOG include the Trident, which also uses the well-proven means of delivering a knife blade to the open position with S.A.T., that can be used to crimp blasting caps and demolition cords with less hand pressure. Tactical knifes from Benchmade include its Concealed Backup knife that's a push dagger designed for durability and strength. See our police duty knives, multi tools police gear and other police equipment in Police Supplies and Tactical Gear.

Police knives can’t fail you in a moment of crisis, so look for crafted knives from brands you trust, such as Benchmade and SOG. Tactical knives, rescue hooks and strap cutters are essential tactical gear as you enter dangerous or emergency situations. Police duty knives come with different lengths and cutting edges. Multi tools intended for police equipment include tools such as v-cutters for seat belts, paracords, fishing line, and electrical cable sheating.

Choices of police knives from L.N. Curtis & sons include handy items such as concealed backup knives with a spear point and sheath clip. Tactical knives are tools of the trade for chipping, poking or cutting. Police duty knives sport features such as ambidextrous thumb studs and drop-point blades. With multi tools, you can pack a whole assortment of essential police equipment into one fistful of tool for all occasions.
Products 1 - 16 of 29