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PecoSales canteens possess the ruggedness officers need in police tactical gear and water canteens. Reliable GI canteens, which are indispensable police supplies, come equipped with a screw-on cap and are odor-free plastic canteens. Hydration packs easily attach to police officers' belts and will be a welcome addition to any station's supply of police gear. Buy PecoSales canteens to keep police officers hydrated and filled with enthusiasm.

PecoSales canteens keep police hydrated when on the go and using police tactical gear. GI canteens come ready to serve the police officers who serve and protect.

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Reliable PecoSales canteens are rugged, compact and always at the ready.

PecoSales canteens attach to a police officer's belt and are always accessible when there's a need for water canteens. Strap on GI canteens with the rest of your police tactical gear, and stay hydrated while fighting crime out in the field. The compact plastic canteens hold up to a quart of water and incredibly weigh just 6 oz, making them excellent packs and an essential part of your collection of police supplies. Some hydration packs come complete with easily stowable leg straps and options to lash down the more awkward pieces of police tactical gear.
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