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Oasis canteens keep police heroes hydrated when they protect and serve while carrying our reliable police western canteens. Police gear water canteens, constructed of virgin polyethylene plastic and designed to be odor-free, are key pieces for any collection of tactical gear. High quality hydration packs will help keep the police department's storage closets full of superb police supplies.

Rugged Oasis canteens fill public safety heroes' hydration needs. Injection-molded water canteens are built for long-lasting service to the police.

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Long-lasting Oasis canteens will go the distance for your police heroes.

Injection-molded Oasis canteens are assembled with only the highest quality of components, including mildew-resistant straps for carrying superb western canteens. Police gear water canteens, gray with nylon raised web-loops, are built tough to serve crime-fighting public servants who demand top quality in their tactical gear. Hydration packs, which come complete with a lifetime guarantee against leakage under normal use, are a superb addition to any department's collection of police supplies.
Products 1 - 2 of 2