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Police EMS supplies, from first aid kits to medical gloves, are available at L.N. Curtis & sons. Our emergency medical kits from Adventure come in .5 and .7 packaging, both of which offer basic first aid essentials. Other emergency medical supplies include an assortment of medical gloves in our police EMS supplies section.

Police EMS supplies from L.N. Curtis & sons are essential police equipment because the heroes in the police department are often the first personnel on the scene. Emergency medical kits in the trunk or glove box allow you to address injuries from a car wreck or fight. Emergency medical supplies included in tactical gear give you tools to deal with the inevitable injuries of dangerous work. Medical gloves in your police gear protect you from contact with dangerous substances or blood.

Police EMS supplies include Adventure emergency medical kits. These emergency medical supplies from Adventure come in two sizes.

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With police EMS supplies with you at all times, you'll be ready for emergencies. Our Adventure medical kits, sealed in water tight bags, provide first aid essentials.

Police EMS supplies are essential items to be included in your tactical police gear whether you are patrolling or in the field. Emergency medical kits from Adventure come in .5 and .7 sized packaging and include basic first aid essentials sealed in water tight bags. Emergency medical supplies also include an excellent selection of medical gloves, including Free Form gloves that offer safety in high risk environments, that are must haves in your police equipment gear.

Update your police EMS supplies at L.N. Curtis & sons, which offers medical kits, protective skin cleaners, and medical and rescue gloves. Adventure emergency medical kits, which contain basic first aid essentials, are sealed in proprietary DryFlex bags to keep the supplies dry and ready for an emergency. Our large selection of emergency medical supplies, including medical gloves and rescue gloves are just one part of your police tactical gear and equipment at L.N. Curtis & sons.

Police EMS supplies in watertight bags can be taken into any situation or emergency. Emergency medical kits should include treatments for blisters, painful sores that can reduce your effectiveness when you have to be walking or hiking long distances. Include in your emergency medical supplies useful items such as hand sanitizers and skin cleaners. Disposable medical gloves are also essential to carry in your police gear to treat injuries.

Police EMS supplies are designed to handle emergencies from mild injuries to trauma when you are the first on the scene. Emergency medical kits in your police equipment give you patches, gauzes and ointments for all sorts of wounds and injuries. Emergency medical supplies range from treatments for blisters or poison ivy to more serious first aid kits. Medical gloves and high visibility gloves round out your tactical gear for any situation.
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