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Blackhawk holsters use quick-disconnect swivel buckles for superior flexibility and fast holster mounting and dismounting. These tactical holsters have a full-length holster body to protect rear sights. Our gun holsters by Blackhawk include the same drawing technique for tactical, undercover and duty. Don't miss these web holsters from L.N. Curtis & sons for the best function and security you can find in police tactical gear.

Our Blackhawk holsters sport a flexible thigh platform that's comfortable and stable. These tactical holsters reinforce full master grip as well as outstanding draw technique.

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These Blackhawk holsters include a Y-harness suspension system to distribute weight evenly.

Blackhawk holsters from L.N Curtis & sons feature a flexible thigh platform that's great for comfort and breathability. Our tactical holsters - some of the most reliable police gear - include a thumb-activated Pivot Guard and Serpa Auto Lock release. These gun holsters by Blackhawk are heads above usual police tactical gear, because quick-disconnect swivel buckles on the belt mounts offer great mobility. The web holsters have the same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty use. Whatever police supplies you buy, be sure to include these Blackhawk gun holsters in your tactical gear.
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