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These gun holsters from L.N. Curtis & sons give both the tactical operative and patrol officer superior retention and speed in a duty-style holster. Our duty holsters include an angle-adjustable jacket-slot belt loop. Put these auto lock holsters at the top of your list of quality police web gear. The light bearing holsters let you wear a weapon-mounted light for the highest level of security on duty.

Our gun holsters reinforce full master grip and outstanding draw technique. These duty holsters include full-length holster body to protect rear sights.

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These quality gun holsters feature immediate retention and an audible click upon re-holster.

Our gun holsters are superior police gear featuring a reduced gun profile for a community-friendly look. These duty holsters reinforce full master grip and superior draw technique. Include these auto lock holsters when you're shopping for your police web gear. Light bearing holsters are particularly effective because they allow you to wear a weapon-mounted light with your duty gear. You won't find police supplies of better quality than this tactical gear from L.N. Curtis & sons.
Products 1 - 9 of 9