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Tactical socks from 5.11 are made with moisture-wicking Coolmax fibers in black. Tactical summer socks, either 6" or 9", have the same great fibers,with multiple zones of compression for extra comfort and support. Tactical women's socks in the 6" style are made with the same outstanding 5.11 quality as the men's, but styled for a woman's foot. Try 5.11 Tactical ankle socks for your low-cut footwear. Your police gear bag will be complete with these fine footwear designed especially for wear with 5.11 boots and shoes.

Stock up on Tactical socks by 5.11 for your police gear bag so you will always have a comfortable fit available. Add Tactical summer socks, so you have quality socks year round.

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Buy 5.11 Tactical socks, and get a perfect fit for your feet, and with your 5.11 boots.

Black Tactical socks from 5.11 give you multiple zones of compression for extra support, moisture-wicking Coolmax fibers, extra padding for comfort and superior fit in a one-size-fits-all 6" or 9" boot sock. Tactical summer socks are constructed with fabric blends for increased blood circulation, heat reduction and moisture wicking, and they are the thinnest of the 5.11 Tactical Series line of socks. Add Tactical ankle socks to your police gear bag, for your low-cut boots. These uniform socks come in black or white and are one size fits all.
Products 1 - 4 of 4