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Police boots from brands like Blackhawk!, Danner, Lacrosse, and more are offered at L.N. Curtis & sons to ensure you have the police gear you need whatever the situation. Our law enforcement boots are built to last whether you are walking a beat or kicking down a door. Tactical boots with features like heavy traction or steal toes are the perfect tactical gear to protect your feet on the job. Police duty boots including police shoes keep your uniform and police equipment sharp, enabling you to protect and serve.

Police boots protect your feet as you are striding through broken glass, rough pavement or splintered wood. Law enforcement boots have to stand up to a lot of abuse and rugged wear while still looking professional. Tactical boots as part of police equipment are the same sorts of boots that are used by the military and firefighters. Police duty boots and police shoes mix comfort for being on your feet all day with durability for difficult wear.

Police gear such as police boots should be mission appropriate, and L.N.Curtis & sons has a wide selection to fit your needs. Our law enforcement boots include tactical boots, police duty boots, and more.

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  • 5.11 Tactical Level 1 6" Sock Accessories Police Uniform Socks, Law Enforcement Footwear & Law Enforcement Gear (10 Products)
    5.11 Tactical Level 1 6" Sock Accessories Police Boot Socks, Law Enforcement Socks & Police Footwear Comfortable police socks from 5.11 and lightweight or heavyweight uniform socks are in this collection of accessories for your police gear. Find police boot laces, including Danner boot laces and replacement Danner boot zippers so you can keep your favorite police supplies and footwear in good working order so your tactical gear is always ready. View Details
  • Dehner Dress Patrol Boot Dress Patrol Boots (1 Product)
  • 5.11 Tactical A.T.A.C. 8" Shield CSA/ASTM Boot Duty Law Enforcement Duty Boots, Police Footwear & Police Supplies (14 Products)
    5.11 Tactical A.T.A.C. 8" Shield CSA/ASTM Boot Duty Tactical Duty Boots, Police Officer Boots & Law Enforcement Gear Police duty boots for men and women include tactical boots and professional law enforcement boots for your personal police gear. New police boots have all the latest features and our police shoes come in the styles you prefer for your police equipment and tactical gear. View Details
  • Dehner Bal-Laced Motorcycle Patrol Boot Motorcycle Patrol Boots (1 Product)
  • BLACKHAWK! Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots Tactical Police Footwear, Law Enforcement Shoes & Law Enforcement Gear (2 Products)
    BLACKHAWK! Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots Tactical Tactical Police Boots, Law Enforcement Footwear & Police Equipment Tactical boots from top brands of police equipment like Blackhawk are preferred by law enforcement professionals. For police duty boots and law enforcement boots that are long wearing for your tactical gear, try our picks for new police boots and police shoes. View Details
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Police boots designed to keep you in comfort during those long days on duty are critical to your police gear.

Modern police boots come in a variety of police gear styles that offer protection and durability in their design. Law enforcement boots for today's police officer have been created so that comfort is built in. Our tactical boots offer strong tactical gear with durability that will last for ages. And our police duty boots give you the opportunity to be fit to perfection in your uniform police equipment.

Police boots can give you the ammunition you need to stay on your feet in your police gear for hours on end when they are built with pride. Our law enforcement boots do just that with the designs that offer comfort, ease of wear, and long-lasting use. Tactical boots from makers like Danner or Blackhawk give your feet a chance to perform with their great features built into the police shoes. Our police duty boots let you look your best on the job without sacrificing comfort.

We have police boots for men and women in a full range of styles and sizes. Law enforcement boots have features such as side zippers for easy in and out, hidden pockets and antibacterial and moisture wicking linings. Tactical boots have features such as waterproof barriers, smooth-pulling tunnel eyelets and fully gusseted tongues. Plain-toe police duty boots are made of full-grain leather and rip stop nylons with cushioned midsoles.

Improve your police boots’ fit with ankle and boot socks for men and women. If you’re wearing law enforcement boots all day while pounding the pavement, you need the padding and wicking comfort qualities of socks made to be used with police gear. Don’t let your tactical boots fail you with broken laces when we have lengths for all kinds of police boots. Police duty boots and police shoes are part of the full line of police equipment carried by L.N. Curtis & sons.
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