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L.N. Curtis & sons has consistently supplied the finest police tools, forcible entry equipment and rescue tools for law enforcement, fire departments and rescue crews. Our entry tools and law enforcement equipment come from brands you trust. And our breaching tools are made from the strongest materials to ensure they will not fail in the most difficult situations. Check out our selection of tactical tools and other law enforcement tools today.

We offer serious police tools for serious situations. Our entry tools are designed for maximum protection and maximum performance when you need it the most. We have ideal breaching tools for the times when even the most dangerous forced entry situations occur. Our selection includes a variety of tactical tools that will last and last, so you’ll save money on police equipment in the long run.

Multitasking police tools will perform a diversity of tasks including prying, pounding, and puncturing. Additionally, our entry tools have great leverage, control, and balance during use.

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Our police tools are designed for use by law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel for accomplishing forcible entry into buildings, vehicles and other locked enclosures.

Police tools from L.N. Curtis & sons include wrecking and crow bars that can do double duty. Our entry tools can help you pry or move heavy objects – some can even break concrete! Breaching tools and other police gear are some of the best you'll find in law enforcement tools. Our tactical tools have a durable finish, and this police equipment is designed to pry, pound, twist and cut open, or remove all types of barriers.

Police tools like the Buster tool are the perfect compact forcible entry tools. As an entry tool, the compact claw will pry windows, light door frames, enlarge openings in sheet metal, and pull nails. If you use it as a breaching tool, the standard claw can do all of the above, and it can pry open larger doors and remove hinges. Tactical tools like the Buster tool are police gear essentials that no hero should be without.

If you’re faced with obtaining forcible entry, our selection of police tools has everything you need. Whether you’re a fire department officer or a police officer, our entry tools have the versatility and strength to assist in getting the job done on the scene. Breaching tools are ideal for EMT’s and Paramedics, too. Tacitcal tools could help first responders to reach downed or incapacitated victims before assist units arrive on scene.

Our police tools also include shovels from Jackson Professional Tools, like our round point shovel with a heavy duty #2 blade with a rolled back-step for digging that will give you years of service. Our entry tools include the BlackHawk Monoshock ram, the expert breachers' entry ram of choice. We also feature breaching tools like rams and buster tools. As tactical tools go, the Monoshock ram, featuring electrically non-conductive, non-sparking construction, is incredibly durable and safe in explosive environments, and should be part of your law enforcement tools.
Products 1 - 16 of 90