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Hawkepaks bags have been created for the function and safety of law enforcement in mind with their outside pouches perfect for riot helmets. Tactical gear police bags are versatile, and hold a good amount of police equipment in each of the organized compartments. Police duty bags are constructed with durable, heavy duty fabrics that allow you to have all the police gear you need in one place so you are quickly protected in unsafe situations. Versatile patrol bags are able to hold radios, vests, cuffs, mag lights, batons, and much more.

Hawkepaks bags are durable in design with the heavy duty water resistant fabrics, and comfortable carrying straps that hold heavy police gear. Storage is key with police bags made to hold a wide assortment of police equipment that can be reached in a moment to ensure safety.

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Durable Hawkepaks bags let your law enforcement officer store the police gear they need in an organized compartment.

Versatile Hawkepaks bags put safety first as the organized compartments offer storage for tactical gear. Durable police bags, designed to hold heavier police equipment are the choice for law enforcement everywhere. Patrol bags keep function in mind with strong zippers and heavily constructed velcro fastenings that last. Police duty bags with space for police gear let you have your equipment such as riot helmets, radios, and collapsible batons close by so they can be easily had within moments.
Products 1 - 2 of 2