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Police hazmat gloves are a necessity in your police gear bag when you must go hands-on with potentially harmful substances. Our police chemical gloves are highly resistant to ketones and esters. Use North Butyl unsupported gloves when you need extra sensitivity and flexibility. These safety gloves are flexible and sensitive even at lower temperatures, and the curved finger and hand design adds comfort.

Economical police hazmat gloves by North give you high quality protection, but with a low price. Police chemical gloves are among the most essential tools in your police gear bag.

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Get North police hazmat gloves for your police gear bag for those times when you encounter potentially harmful substances.

North police hazmat gloves are highly resistant to ketones and esters. The police chemical gloves have the highest permeation resistance to gas and water vapors of any other glove. Our unsupported gloves do not contain latex or chemical accelerators that often cause allergic reactions. The safety gloves have a curved finger and hand design to give you added comfort, while working in hazardous conditions, and they remain flexible and sensitive at low temperatures, making them ideal tactical gear. The economical protective equipment is strong and durable, yet economical and disposable, eliminating the need for messy clean up and reuse. Your police gear should include these protective gloves among the police equipment.
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