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Wildland fire gear includes rugged wildland fire boots to keep your feet safe from the most extreme conditions, including heat, moisture intrusion and durable steel-toe construction. Our wildland fire clothing meets CAL-OSHA requirements and comes in both Nomex and FR cotton in sizes up to 3XL. The highest quality wildland firefighting gear on our site features top brands and everything you need to stay safe when you rely on a well-stocked fire fighting equipment tool box.

Wildland fire gear is a lot more than a sturdy pair of boots and some durable clothing, although L.N. Curtis & sons have those too. We have wildland fire boots in dozens of styles so you can get the right fit and avoid blisters. Our wildland fire clothing includes pants, shirts, coats and jumpsuits in different fits, materials and cuts. But wildland firefighting gear is so much more, such as binoculars, compasses, first aid, fire shelters and hand tools.

Wildland fire gear includes key items like specialized wildland fire boots and wildland fire clothing in protective Nomex or FR cotton. Our rugged wildland firefighting gear meets CAL-OSHA standards and features everything you need to protect your body from head to toe along with the fire fighting gear you'll need the most when out on the front lines.

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The best wildland fire gear includes our collection of wildland fire boots and CAL OSHA-approved wildland fire clothing so you'll be as safe as possible fighting the toughest of fires.

Wildland fire gear has got to be tough because it has to be strong enough to save your life. Starting with wildland fire boots, your feet stay protected with steel toes and durable construction from PRO-Warrington boots by Honeywell. Our own wildland fire clothing meets CAL OSHA requirements and comes in your choice of Nomex and FR cotton. High quality wildland firefighting gear includes gloves to protect your hands and hoods, masks and shrouds to protect your head, neck and ears for a well-stocked fire fighting equipment collection.

The best wildland fire gear is worthy of your fire fighting gear. Our wildland fire boots are made of the toughest materials with good fit and grip to keep you steady on uneven terrain. Our wildland fire clothing is CAL OSHA-approved, meaning it beats federal OSHA standards so you know you are wearing the safest fire fighting equipment available when you put on a PGI jumpsuit. Wildland firefighting gear can be used for so much more than fighting forest fires. Our selections are also a great way to supplement your fire fighting equipment with the highest quality items.

Add to your wildland fire gear with portable and backpack pump systems so you can take the fight to the fire. With our sturdy wildland fire boots you can carry more over rugged terrain, especially if you have our packs and webbing accessories. Our wildland fire clothing has features such as bartracked seams, corrosion resistant anodized brass snaps and reinforced fabrics. When you carry wildland firefighting gear into the woods and hills, you have to know it won’t fail you because there’s no place to get more fire fighting equipment.

Key to your wildldand fire gear are drip torches and backfire torches with features such as reversible burners for easy storage and heavy duty lightweight aluminum bodies. Wildland fire boots are water, flame, chemical and cut resistant with leather uppers to protect your foot. Pack your wildland fire clothing and other fire fighter gear in tough duffel bags marked as belonging to firefighters. Also pack among your wildland firefighting gear our products for firefighting clothing care and maintenance.
Products 849 - 864 of 882