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Wildland fire weather kits by JIM-GEM have the tools you need to gather weather and wind information during a wildfire incident. The fire weather instrument kits also include a 100-page notebook for recording the data you collect. The wildland fire supplies are organized and easily carried in a red carrying case. Your wildland fire equipment should include these crucial kits.

Get wildland fire weather kits with wind and weather tools in a convenient belt-worn carrying case. The fire weather instrument kits have all the tools for accurately tracking weather.

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Wildland fire weather kits keep you ahead of wildfires with accurate weather information.

Choose wildland fire weather kits when keeping an eye on the weather means saving lives and property. The fire weather instrument kits, by JIM-GEM, include wind meter that measures up to 60 mph, graduated compass up to 360 degrees for wind direction and fire location, and sling psychrometer and slide rule. the wildland fire supplies also include a 100-page notebook and mechanical pencil. The wildland fire equipment is neatly carried in a red case that you can wear on your belt or stow in your turnout pack. Our wildland fire gear stock includes a replacement carrying case for the kit.
Products 1 - 2 of 2