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Our TFT fire hydrant wrenches include the versatile Res-Q-Rench that can handle nearly any emergency situation. Other wildland fire wrenches available are the adjustable hydrant wrench that adjusts to fit any hydrant with pentagon or square heads up to 6". Choose spanner tools such as a single jumbo spanner that fits nearly any Storz rocker lug or long-handled fire hose couplings from 1" to 6". Get jumbo hydrant spanner wrenches in a set with bracket.

TFT fire hydrant wrenches give you multiple abilities combined into one handy tool. The wildland fire wrenches come in a universal style or jumbo spanner.

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Choose TFT fire hydrant wrenches that include spanner tools to fit virtually any hydrant head.

TFT fire hydrant wrenches, such as the multifaceted Res-Q-Rench, are the smart choice for your firefighter supplies. These wildland fire wrenches incorporate a spanner, gas and O2 shutoff, seat belt cutter, window punch and hose hook into one lightweight durable nylon tool. Other spanner tools available are the TFT adjustable hydrant wrenches. These hydrant spanner wrenches have dual spanner claws to fit almost any Storz, rocker lug or long-handled fire house coupling up to 6" that you might encounter. Complete your wildland fire supplies with a jumbo spanner or jumbo spanner set with bracket to mount your wildland fire equipment.
Products 1 - 14 of 14