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Our fire hose accessories include wye valve and shut-off valves that are lightweight, yet tough enough for you job demands. The fire hose valves are made of high quality aluminum for maximum durability. Your fire hose supplies should be stocked with these high-quality valves. Our wildland wyes have 1: swivel and top quality polymer ball and seat seal mechanisms.

These fire hose accessories are durable enough to withstand the demands of firefighting. Select fire hose valves designed with a smoother waterway for less friction loss.

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Find fire hose accessories for you fire hoses including a full line of high quality valves.

Choose our fire hose accessories for your wildland fire supplies, all made for the demands of firefighting. We have fire hose valves that include in-line T-valves, shutoff valves and hose-splitting wye valves. Your fire hose supplies should be stocked with these crucial valves. Our wye valves, including the gated valve, are equipped with high quality polymer balls and front and rear seats for a smoother waterway with less friction loss. All our wildland fire gear is made of only the top materials and workmanship. Get forestry shutoff valves that meet or exceed USDA FS 5100 Series Specifications. These firefighter supplies of wye valves are available in any combination of NST and NPSH.
Products 1 - 6 of 6