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Choose TFT discharge hoses when you need to add length to your portable firefighter gear. Your wildland safety equipment maneuverability can be enhanced with the addition of hoses in lengths from 2.7' to 25'. These TFT foam systems accessories upgrade the capabilities of PRO/pak system. Get wildland safety supplies such as expansion nozzles and other nozzle tips for the firefighting foam system.

TFT discharge hoses come in lengths up to 25', to increase the capabilities of your foam pack. Our wildland safety equipment includes nozzles, carrying straps and storage brackets.

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TFT discharge hoses and other PRO/pak accessories are available for portable foam systems.

TFT discharge hoses include quick connect 3/4 inch hoses with 300 PSI pressure rating. The wildland safety equipment add maneuverability to your TFT PRO/pak by increasing the length between the pack and nozzle. The TFT foam systems hoses come in sizes of 2.7', 6', 12' or 25'. These wildland safety supplies and other accessories for the PRO/pak pump are available. The wildland portable foam systems accessories include piercing nozzles, expansion nozzles and more. Store your compressed air foam systems with The PRO/pak storage bracket, which mounts on horizontal or vertical surfaces. The portable foam system bracket has an adjustable quick release storage strap, so you can easily access this firefighting equipment.
Products 1 - 9 of 9