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SOG knives are the ultimate in folding knives with their solid blades that work with your firefighting equipment to cut through ties that bind. Wildland multi tools and survival knives are good for a variety of outdoor situations where survival is key. Wildland fire tools like SOG multi tools keep you prepared should you need to crimp blasting caps or just open a can of food. Our wildland fire gear is reliable firefighter gear that can be used with minimal collateral damage to the tool when used properly. All wildland fire supplies and multi tool knives are built to do the job and give you comfort in their durability.

SOG knives cut through seatbelts, wires, and more to help you do your job day after day. Our wildland multi tools give you the firefighting equipment that goes the distance just like you do.

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SOG knives give you the edge over straps, cables, and more when you initiate a rescue.

SOG knives and survival knives give you the edge when you need to live in the brush during firefights. Our wildland multi tools have features like crimping devices that allow you to crimp demolition cords without damaging your firefighting equipment. Wildland fire tools like folding knives help you cut rope to tie up firefighter gear, or cut wires to gain safe access to an area. Wildland fire gear such as multi tool knives or SOG multi tools keep you ready to fight fires, while knowing that you have the wildland fire supplies you need to survive.
Products 1 - 16 of 17