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Benchmade knives are durable and easily transported wildland fire supplies that are key to have in our firefighter gear. Wildland fire accessories such as tactical folding knives and survival knives make quick cuts in ropes, twine, and cables. With our fireman tools like the wildland tactical knives, you are prepared to cut through small branches, barbed wire fencing, and more as you haul your firefighting equipment through the firefight. Wildland fire gear keeps you ready for action, and rescue knives and firefighter knives cut you out of tangled trouble that arises on the job.

Benchmade knives make quick work of cutting cords, cables, and wires. Our wildland fire accessories and fireman tools keep you prepared for the situations you encounter in the field.

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Benchmade knives give you the cutting edge in firefighting equipment with their solid construction.

Benchmade knives and hooks give you the rescue knives you need to cut seat belt straps and pull people from danger. Wildland fire accessories including survival knives and tactical folding knives are a must-have part of your firefighting equipment to ensure your safety as you ensure others. Fireman tools make your work easier with the great features built in like rescue hooks and carabineers, as well as the serrated blades that are designed into some of our firefighter gear and wildland tactical knives. Wildland fire gear and firefighter knives packed into your wildland fire supplies give you a fighting chance against forest fires and wildland fires.
Products 1 - 9 of 9