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Wildland rescue tools don't get more practical than the McLaski, which combines the best features of the McLeod and the Pulaski. This piece of wildland rescue equipment is perfect for chopping small brush, clearing and raking fire lines and many other functions. Like other great firefighter tools, the McLaski is made of tough, laser cut AR450 steel. You won't find higher quality firefighter hand tools anywhere on the market.

Our wildland rescue tools make the most reliable firefighting equipment anywhere. This wildland rescue equipment includes the McLaski, which incorporates seven tools for incredible efficiency.

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Wildland rescue tools are great for essential jobs like raking fire lines and creating trails.

When you shop for rescue tools, be sure to include the McLaski with your other firefighting equipment. This practical wildland rescue equipment is a combination the McLeod and the Pulaski. Essentially, you get two firefighter tools in one great package that's useful for clearing and raking fire lines, grubbing and trenching and much more. You won't find firefighter hand tools of higher quality than these fire rakes, because they're made of tough laser cut AR 450 steel. You want the best firefighter supplies, so don't miss the McLaski when you shop for firefighter gear.
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