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Get wildland hand tools by Council Tool for exceptional firefighter gear you can depend on in extreme situations. Council fire tools are constructed with outstanding materials such as forged tool steel. Our wildland fire axes include traditional pickhead axes with a cutting bit on one end and a penetrating pick on the other end. You'll also find a wildland fire rake that's tremendously effective with specially sharpened teeth.

No other wildland hand tools come close to wildland fire supplies by Council Tool. Council fire tools include features such as axe heads hydraulically seated onto handles and secured with aluminum wedges.

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Be sure to get wildland hand tools by Council Tool for the longest lasting wildland fire gear.

Check out these wildland hand tools when you're looking for the most durable firefighter gear. Council fire tools use such high quality materials you can depend on them in the toughest conditions. We offer wildland fire axes with forged tool steel heads and fully polished bodies. Our wildland fire rake is another superior piece of fire fighting equipment. For the strongest wildland fire supplies, you can trust wildland fire gear by Council Tool. When you shop for fire fighting hand tools, don't pass up these important firefighter supplies.
Products 1 - 16 of 24