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On the fireline, wildland clothing can make all the difference in your personal safety. Having wildland pants in your fire fighter gear will let you advance further into the field knowing you're wearing the right PPE. Wildland fire clothing ranges from jumpsuits to pants, shirts and jackets so you can find all you need to complete your fire fighting equipment. Our wildland fire shirts are lightweight but tough enough for the protection you need.
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Wildland clothing, from wildland pants to wildland fire shirts, is made of specialized fire resistant material and should be a key part of your fire fighter gear.

Firefighters rely on specialized wildland fire clothing for that extra protection they need in the field. Wildland pants go far to protect your legs if you are going into an wildland environment. Make sure you have wildland fire clothing as part of your fire fighting equipment when you head out. Even wildland fire shirts can boost your PPE level up a notch when they are part of your fire fighter gear.

Made for protection, wildland clothing is specialized fire fighting equipment that every firefighter on the fireline should have. Legs need wildland pants and a wildland fire shirt will add much needed protection to your upper body. For wildland clothing in your fire fighter gear, our selections will keep you covered.
Products 1 - 16 of 39