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Wildland Anti Monkey Butt & Medical Supplies

Wildland Anti Friction Powder & Talcum Powder

Wildland Anti Monkey Butt absorbs sweat and reduces friction whether you are hauling butt on a fireline, or riding a desk. Include in medical supplies to prevent butt chafing. Wildland anti friction powder is also great in footwear, or anywhere prone to chafing. This talcum powder will keep you dry and comfortable all day.

Get wildland Anti Monkey Butt to protect when you are busting your buns. No medical supplies are complete without this wildland anti friction powder.

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Wildland Anti Monkey Butt is the powder that will keep your buns dry and irritation free all day.

Wildland Anti Monkey Butt keeps the irritation out whether your sit on your buns in a patrol car or fire truck, or out walking a beat or beating down a fire. Your medical supplies are not complete if you do not have this talcum powder in your fire fighter gear bags. The wildland anti friction powder absorbs sweat and prevents chaffing. The wildland fire supplies can also be used in footwear, under sports pads or anywhere else where sweat and friction cause irritation.
Products 1 - 1 of 1