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Durable firefighter tools help you get the job done even when the going is rough. Rely on fireman axes made by Ames, Council Tool and Nupla to give you the chopping and battering force you need. Entry tools and sharp firefighter knives round out your fire fighter gear collection. Firefighting tools also include our specialized fire rakes, hoes, and why not add a Res-Q-Me tool for your personal vehicle so your family can stay safe, too.

Firefighter tools from L.N. Curtis & sons include shovels, brooms and multi-tools. Fireman axes come in different weights and sizes, and we also have sheaves and rubber guards. Our selection of entry tools includes pry bars, crow bars and saws, essential firefighting tools for getting at the flames or getting someone out of a dangerous situation. We have firefighter knives from trusted brands such as Benchmade, Moteng, Schrade, Wehr Engineering and Sog.

Firefighter tools have to be as tough as the firefighters who use them. Our fireman axes, entry tools and firefighter knives are made of the toughest steel so they won’t fail you when you need to pull them from your fire fighting gear.

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Our rugged firefighter tools include fireman axes, entry tools and made in the U.S.A. firefighter knives with a selection to check off every item on your fire fighting equipment wish list.

Front line heroes need firefighter tools that are strong, durable and ready to go to work. Fireman axes from Ames, Council Tool and Nupla have strong wooden handles and forged steel heads and come in a variety of lengths and styles to meet your needs. Rugged entry tools include crow bars and gooseneck wrecking bars to pry and level the toughest obstacles. Firefighter knives and firefighter tools like shovels and hoes round out our extensive selection of fire fighter gear.

Reliable firefighter tools like our extremely strong and made in the U.S.A. selection of fireman axes help keep you safe on the job. Entry tools made of forged steel won't fail you when you need them most. Hand-sharpened firefighter knives and multi-tools from Benchmade, SOG and Gerber round out your fire fighting gear with high performance quality you can rely on. For the best in firefighting tools, our selections will quickly fill your fire fighting equipment tool box.

Firefighter tools good for the civilian as well as the working firefighter include the Res-Q-Me for cutting seat belts and breaking out windows. We have fireman axes that come with standard claws as well as accessories such as sheaths and vehicle mounting brackets. Our entry tools range from 60” forged steel bars for breaking up hard materials or prying to hand rescue tools to remove vehicle glass or cut fiberglass, wood or plaster. Firefighting knives round out the fire fighter gear of a prepared professional.

Firefighter tools cut, smash, saw and break under extreme conditions and so take a lot of abuse. Keep your fireman axes safe with new handles or get a whole new ax to improve your fire fighting equipment. Entry tools pry, tear and rip so look for fire fighter gear made from high carbon steel and made in America. Firefighter knives sometimes are your tool of last resort, and we have tough locking blades as well as ingenious multi-tools.
Products 65 - 80 of 288